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My personal astrologer and mentor, Rick DiClemente. I cannot recommend his services highly enough. He specializes in past life themes and how they are expressing and influencing your life now.

Hear the call! Listen to your inner voice to live a life filled with passion and purpose.

Siren's Calling is a place to awaken a connection to your core self. We believe that by listening to your inner voice, you can live a life filled with passion and purpose. We provide guidance and support in the journey to honor your true self through physical, mental and emotional expressions.

Through a diverse offering of resources, we will help you align your inner spirit with outward expression. Whether it is about "Dressing Your Truth," orgasmic meditation, sensual dance, restorative yoga, whole eating, or erotica, we will help you empower your inner siren.

Astrology Junction has been online for 8 years and will give you expert astrology,tarot,dream analysis, and horoscope predictions.

Recommended Resources

I believe we are long overdue for a collaborative and cooperative model of society. In that light, I am pleased to refer you to other astrologers and lightworkers that have helped me along the way. Lightworking is a very personal undertaking and each worker has strengths and weaknesses, subject to interpersonal comfort and needs. If what I have to offer just hasn't seemed to help or isn't quite what you are looking for, please browse the links on the right.

I'm also happy to provide referrals or guidance if you just aren't sure you know what it is that you want or need by way of support. Contact me for a complimentary recommendation session.