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Aspects: Half Moon

Posted on December 12, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Phases of the Moon  part 3

Half Moon = Square

In everyday life, we see the moon’s phases throughout a month.  We’ll use the familiar phenomenon of the moon passing through its phases to illustrate the aspects that astrologers study between all of the planets.

An aspect is a word astrologers use when two planets are within a certain number of degrees of each other. The aspect itself has it's own kind of symbol showing how many degrees are between the two planets. This connection between two planets within the circle of a chart helps show how the energies symbolized by the planets interact.

When two planets are 90 degrees from each other, the aspect is called a square. The symbol representing a square looks just as you might expect:

In the case of the Moon square the Sun, we see a half moon, also called either the first quarter moon or the last quarter moon.  On a calendar, it is represented like this:

Below is the quarter moon represented on a chart:

Notice that this particular Moon square the Sun is a FIRST quarter moon.  The Moon moving faster than the Sun is moving AWAY from the Sun through the path of the Zodiac.

As another example of a square, here is a chart showing Venus square Mars:

In medieval times planets squaring each other were considered bad omens.  

While planets 'squaring' off with each other can be a difficult merging of energies within an individual it also usually proves to be a very dynamic, if challenging, part of the personality.  Often, when a person has worked with the battling energies inside of them and come to an understanding of how to accomplish purposes at angles they have quite a bit of insight to offer in situations that follow the same pattern.


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