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Some of My Gold: The Beliefs Underneath

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 1:30 AM


For me personally, I would LOVE to state a label for my Personal Belief System. But practically speaking that would be impossible - and ridiculous - as it is unique to me. In my individualism, I am most like a humanist.




However, just 7 years ago I had a completely differenent religious belief system that I could name and adhere to... I was on top of the world and navigating it as best I could. Then I started looking for answers to nagging questions that I had carried since childhood. I examined the teachings of new preachers who were teaching things I had never heard before. But once I started questioning, everything about my personal belief system as it functioned within the larger Belief System started to unravel.





At this point, I know I am not a Christian - but I believe in Christ-consciousness. I am not a Baptist... but I believe that individuals can powerfully and intentionally symbolize a change in themselves by finding a place to 'dunk themselves' underwater. This fits with both humanism and mysticism, both of which I truly appreciate.





I like parts of Buddhism especially as it applies to being mindful of the moment and aware of the power of the words that I choose to speak.





I have a violent reaction to the concept of identifying oneself with anyone else's way of thinking. I'm doing my best to pick and choose what works for me and stick with those things. I am my own authority and I regularly check in with body, mind, and 'spirit' to see if how my life is moving is in harmony with how I am receiving input (physically, socially, intellectually, and yes, spiritually).





Four years ago, I had the impression that I could rebuild myself a new worldview in as short as a year. At this point, I think I'm facing a lifetime of experiences that will cause me to renegotiate and resettle my thoughts on life, the universe, and everything - on a semi-regular basis.





I am a mystic. I believe in spirit - within all life forms. I believe things exist that so far defy human understanding. I believe we have the capacity to understand more fully some of those things but not if we limit ourselves to the understanding of the mind. I believe the heart and other 'senses' beside the five physical senses are necessary to integrate with the mind in order to achieve full understanding of our entire environment.




This is most of what I have discovered in my personal digging. It's the tip of the iceburg compared to a lot of the detritus sitting on the rubbish pile of beliefs and ideas I have thrown out. I have to say, the more I do, though, the clearer I become and the less weighted-down by a lot of imposed ideas that culture or sub-culture had placed on me for a long time.






Categories: Belief Systems, Inner Authority, Symbolic Guidance