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PBS = Personal Belief System

Posted on December 17, 2015 at 6:05 PM

What about you? How would you identify your Personal Belief System, PBS. This one I’m going to capitalize – not because it belongs to a collective. I believe we are each a sovereign representative of the collective. So each Personal Belief System that is held, is intrinsic to the one holding it. I believe a healthy PBS will be one that is still growing, one that is willing to be challenged and perhaps even change.


I also believe that the more people with a healthy PBS, the more people are confident in their own inner authority and who can interact with each other in the way I described above – with a high level of trust and a healthy control of their fear.


How does one move from a stagnant Belief System or belief system that no longer suits, fits, or serves them? This is what I am called to do. Help people sort through what they value, how they hear their own inner authority, and how they can interact with others by respecting all people, themselves included.


I believe that we can each access some of our primary motivations by looking at the prevalent symbols in our lives. Jung called them archetypes. In stories we call them characters. Natives have worked with totems. To get caught up in the semantics only leads to stagnant doctrines. My aim is to help every individual dig out their guiding truth by highlighting the symbols, dreams, and guidance that has been following them around all of their lives.


These things can and do offer clarity to each one of us. I believe that harmony is possible if we allow our treasure to come forth. Contact me if you want to unearth more.


Categories: Belief Systems, Inner Authority, Symbolic Guidance