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The Purpose of Belief Systems

Posted on December 15, 2015 at 12:55 AM

There are as many belief systems in the world as there are people. A belief system is that idea in your brain that you have created or co-created that tells you how life works. It attempts to answer those three universal questions discussed in philosophy classes: Who AM I? What am I here FOR? Where am I going? Also known as: Identity, Purpose, Destiny

Many people have found that they either inherit and adhere to a belief system or find a new one or strike out on their own.

But here's the thing about a belief system. No matter what it's called, no matter what it's high ideals and priorities, a belief system either serves you -- or you serve it.

People use their belief systems in one of two ways. The belief system can lead them to freedom and purpose, or it can define and imprison them in their own effort to stay safe and protected.

The first way to use your belief system is to actually face your fears. This seems counter-intuitive if you have always used your belief system to calm your fears and satisfy your needs.

Any belief system that does not lead to greater maturity and freedom will stop helping you and start imprisoning you. You will use it to identify yourself, and you will also be polarized against any 'opposing' belief system.

In truth, there is no opposite belief system. Just details that seem incompatible in our attempts to sort out within our own minds how the world works and how to answer the big three questions.

For an individual who is using their system as their own identity and protection, the belief system will imprison you until you start questioning the beliefs that no longer work. It will feed off of your service and promotional words until you are bone weary and can't understand how your devotion looks completely opposite of the high ideals you promote.

For a whole group that identifies with a dying belief system, your belief system will shut down unless new life is breathed into it. New life looks like questions, like fears, like doubt, like reinterpretation. In fact, new life often looks like heresy. At least, it has historically.

So no matter what religious or a-religious system you espouse, ask yourself, how rigid are you? What do you have to fear from asking yourself some honest, but tough, questions?

I am especially interested in helping anyone who is walking away from an outgrown Belief System and unwilling to just step into a new one without examining it first.  I excel at helping people sort through the wreckage of past systems, finding the valuable pieces, and helping to forge a Personal Belief System that will serve you and lead to purpose and freedom.


Categories: Belief Systems, Inner Authority, Symbolic Guidance