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Aspects: Full Moon

Posted on December 12, 2015 at 11:55 PM

Phases of the Moon part 5

Full Moon = Opposition

When two planets are 180 degrees away from each other, the aspect is called an opposition. In the case of the Moon opposing the Sun, we see a full moon.

The symbol for an opposition looks like this:

Obviously it clearly shows the two planets facing off across the Zodiac with a line drawn between them.

When the Moon is 180 degrees from the Sun, it is receiving the full light of the Sun and reflecting it back to Earth.  Here, we see its full face, the Full Moon.  As symbolized on a calendar:

When the Moon is opposite the Sun on a natal chart, it looks like this:

Notice in other chart examples I have had the degree AND minutes match exactly.  In this chart I have shown that the aspect of opposition is still considered in effect even when the minutes (and even degrees) are not exact.

As another example of an opposition, please see the chart below:

Here is an example of an opposition that commonly occurred from 1952 through 1989 as Chiron and Uranus traveled around the Sun in their orbits directly across from each other.

Because we think of 'opposition' as a competitive faceoff word, it is often viewed as a negative aspect.  Again, the symbolic meaning of the planets, the energies they represent, and the way that the individual represented by the chart (the native) works with the energy lend a lot of influence on how the opposition works.  Some oppositions are definitely a 'push you-pull back' struggle between two planets.  Then again, many oppositions have more of a mirroring effect where the energies work together to improve each other as they reflect back and forth what they see and how to improve.  

Perhaps the differences between how oppositions can work could be seen in thinking of it as either a tidal effect or a reflecting effect.  The Full Moon effects the tides in a pull-push type of way.  But when it comes to light reflection, the Full Moon reflects back to the Earth the light of the Sun, bringing light to what would normally be hidden in the dark.


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