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Aspects: Gibbous Moon

Posted on December 12, 2015 at 11:40 PM

Phases of the Moon part 4

Gibbous Moon = Trine

Only two more phases of the moon left to illustrate two more of the major aspects used by astrologers, Gibbous and Full.

(Reminder: An aspect is a word astrologers use when two planets are within a certain number of degrees of each other. We’ll use the familiar phenomenon of the moon passing through its phases to illustrate the aspects that astrologers study between all of the planets.)


When two planets are 120 degrees from each other, the aspect is called a trine.  The symbol for trine is again a familiar symbol:

In the case of the Moon trine the Sun, we have what is called a Gibbous Moon.  The Gibbous Moon looks like it is swelling but not yet full.  On a calendar the symbol for the gibbous moons look like this:

Here is a chart showing the gibbous moon trine the sun:

This is a waxing gibbous moon as it is moving closer towards the opposing point on the Zodiac from the Sun.

As another example of a Trine, please see the Moon Trine Pluto in the chart below:

In general, planets that are trine each other relate harmoniously.  Sometimes this means that they get a lot done.  Sometimes it can mean that they're too comfortable with each other to make anything happen.  There are strengths and weaknesses of all aspects.


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