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More Than the Sun

Posted on December 6, 2015 at 1:55 AM

Have you read your horoscope today?

How accurate was it?

Not very? Not surprising.

The horoscope is a generic reading for the placement of one heavenly body in the sky, the Sun, for every person born during a certain period of time. We are all familiar with the speed of the Sun through the path it makes in our sky. (It takes the Earth one year to orbit around the Sun… making it about 30 days for the Sun to go through each 30 degree segment named after a constellation in the zodiac.)

This is the glyph that appears in a natal chart to represent the Sun. It’s easy to remember because the Sun is at the center of our solar system.

The Sun is powerful. It gives heat and light that support life on the 3rd planet in orbit. But it’s not the whole solar system.

Any beings looking at our solar system from other locations in the universe will see our star first, Sol.

So it is with our Sun sign. The sign itself influences how the ‘Sun’ of your personality shines. It’s how we show up when others look at us.

I don’t need to go through every single Zodiac sign – most of us have a basic idea of what the different Sun sign personalities are like – or at least we know their reputations.

However, to say that one person’s Sun sign description completely describes them is basically committing astrological profiling. It’s turning what is supposed to be a flexible guiding archetype into a literal, categorical stereotype.

There is more to a person than their Sun sign. Specifically, there are 9 other ‘planets’ to include in an astrological chart profile. [This includes Moon sign, and the sign where Pluto resides, because even though neither of them are considered ‘planets’ scientifically, they are ‘sky-wanderers’ in the astrological interpretation tradition.]

I hope over the next few days that you will follow me as we use those same Zodiac understandings for other parts of our being besides personality. Symbolism is a powerful part of interpretation in astrology. If you have the ability to think in images, to interpret symbols liberally, then approach any interpretation of any planet in any sign with an open mind to the powerful symbols the planet and the sign represent.

After the Sun sign, it’s best to investigate your Rising Sign and your Moon Sign. These are the next two strongest points in a natal chart.

From there we will look into the signs containing Mercury, Venus and Mars; then, Jupiter and Saturn; finally, the outer planets (discovered during the contemporary age of astrology) Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

I hope you will join me.


Categories: Sun Signs, Archetypes, Astrology