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Cancer - the sign of the Mother

Posted on May 10, 2015 at 3:15 PM

In the US, today is Mother's day -


In honor of the Mother archetype - Today we're exploring the sign of Cancer, the symbolic 'mother' energy in the Zodiac.  

Most encounter their understanding of Cancerian energy through the sun sign articles in the paper.

Cancer as an archetype symbolizes the concepts of mother, early home environment, comfort, emotional expression, and self-care needs.

Cancer occurs in the natal chart of  every individual.  It makes up the fourth sign in the sequence of twelve signs of the Zodiac.  It's "home" position is at the bottom of the zodiac wheel forming the foundation/nest area for individuals.

Not everyone has the Sun in Cancer - but we all have significant portions of our chart and personality that are affected by Cancer and its ruling 'planet', the Moon.

For further exploration of ways Cancer energy may be influencing you, here is a list of various planets and how their influence is modified when they are "IN" the sign of Cancer.  You will notice the repetition of the sign's symbolism - the difference in the individual placements is in how the energy is modified or expressed.

Sun in Cancer - (Sun represents individuality) These individuals shine their light by feeling intensely, expressing their emotions, seeking to nurture others, providing comfort through environment or food.

Cancer Rising [meaning Cancer was the sign on the Horizon at the time of birth]  (Rising sign represents approach to life) - These individuals approach life sensitively interacting with others but also considering their own emotional needs.  They may be oversensitive to others who need mothering and drawn into meeting the mothering needs that they see around them.

Moon in Cancer (Moon represents emotional needs and subconscious reactions) - The Moon is considered the ruling planet of Cancer.  These individuals can be extremely sensitive to the moods of others causing them to be protective, intuitive, and nurturing in response to the emotions around them.

Mercury in Cancer - (Mercury represents thinking and communicating processes) - These individuals comunicate about and with their emotions, often considering emotions in the information that they absorb from others.  They can also provide supportive nurture to new ideas - their own or others'.

Venus in Cancer - (Venus symbolizes relationships, appreciation, and affection) - These individuals are drawn to relationships that FEEL like family.  They are very protective of their own friendships and intimate relationships and express their affection in a very cautious way.

Mars in Cancer - (Mars symbolizes taking action or initiative) - These individuals take action indirectly and can often be shy or hold themselves back because of their own fear and unconscious fears.  However, they will fiercely defend family if their loved ones are threatened.

Jupiter in Cancer - (Jupiter symbolizes expansion and improvement) - These individuals grow and improve throughout their lives using the emotional sensitivity to others as well as opportunities to nurture and protect others.  They are generous emotionally.

Saturn in Cancer - (Saturn symbolizes self-preservation and authority) - These individuals often fall into the self-preservation/caution combination that Cancer and Saturn share.  On the other hand if they can accept their own emotional nature and express it comfortably, they provide great comfort to the rest of the Cancerian family.

A Note about the outer planets - because they move slowly, these planets are in one sign for longer periods of time - and therefore have an infludence on a whole generation of people.  Their interpretation will be true for a whole generation - but their expression in an individual chart will be stronger or weaker depending on placement.

Uranus in Cancer - (Uranus symbolizes uniqueness, freedom, genius.) - The generation born between 1949 and 1956.  They will play an important role in integrating emotions into the growth of the realm of ideas and communication. Example: emoticons

Neptune in Cancer - (Neptune symbolizes spirituality, dreams, inspiration, imagination.) - The generation born between 1901 and 1916. They play an important role in nurturing spirituality and providing a safe environment for the growth of spiritual/emotional connection.  They have a great amount of empathy and my hold a strong emotional attachment to their spiritual experiences. (Neptune won't be in Cancer again until 2065 - 2078.) 

Pluto in Cancer - (Pluto symbolizes powerful change, rebirth, opportunities to dig deep and confront self-darkness.)  The generation born between 1914 and 1939. They are deeply introspective emotionally and have had opportunities to redefine the social norms of family and personal growth. Often feel that their emotional security is threatened.

For more information on how the archetype of mother occurs in your natal chart and influences your expression of emotions and need for security, please contact me for a brief Sun and Moon report.

Current astro-weather update: Venus has just moved into Cancer (May 7) so babies born in the next month will have the Venus in Cancer energy present in their chart.  For those of us living through this time, it is a good time to pay attention to relationships either as a mother or to your mother. It's also a great time to be aware of how you relate to your own emotions, of your emotional health in your relationships, and of how you nurture yourself within relationships.

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