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Astrology Orientation

Posted on March 9, 2015 at 12:05 AM

A few principles to keep in mind when viewing an astrological chart or reading or consulting with an astrologer:

The planets are like gauges. Their unique placements in your natal chart are indicators of certain energy patterns that are present in your life force.

Because the planets are archetypal representations of your energy, they do NOT determine your life for you. You make choices every day on how you interact with every circumstance and energy. The planets are only indicators of what types of energy you may encounter and how your method of handling them may work or not.

The subject of the birth chart is best able to tell the story of their chart whether they understand the symbolism of the planets or not. Any astrologer who gets dogmatic about specific interpretations is not open to all that the universe can say through its variety of energy. Specifically they are not open to what YOU have to say about how that energy is working through you.

A computer CAN generate chart placements and generic interpretations for the majority of people. However, for any details or discrepancies, consult with a trusted astrologer.

Also, a few warnings about common pitfalls most people fall into when using astrology:  WARNING: and this may be redundant but it can’t be stated often enough… do NOT treat a reading as if it was a horoscope. You have the capability to make your own choices no matter what kind of circumstances are coming. You navigate the energy – do not let it dictate to you.

Also, beware of the tendency to seize on one negative or even several negative statements – that is actually an indicator of a fear you have. Navigate it by acknowledging the fear as well as the presence of that energy in your life without passing judgment on it (if you can). It’s been my experience that if something in a reading resonates with my fear I can often end up keeping that one thing in my focus and miss all the strengths and tools that the reading has offered to help me through the challenge.


Finally, An OFFER:

I would be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding your chart, your interpretation report, or the implications of either.  Contact me to inquire about scheduling a reading.


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