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Building a Life

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 5:55 PM

When an infant first opens its eyes, it takes in information.  It is the task of the mind to sort through this information and make sense of it.  On a fundamental level, there is no language in the brain for the child to associate with what it is understanding.  Memories, although able to be retrieved at a later time in life, are not reviewed consciously.  Interactions are repetitive and kept to simple, basic needs: food, elimination, sleep.  For most infants these needs are met by one caregiver.  By societal tradition, these needs are most often met by the mother.  Therefore when we speak of a mother archetypally, she symbolizes the meeting of these basic needs.  She symbolizes the nurturing function both in society and for the individual.  But for the individual, these needs may have been met by more than just the biological mother. 

In astrology, the moon is the archetypal symbol of the mother and mothering needs.  Emotions are wrapped into this symbology as well, because it is emotionally that an infant communicates.  The infant has no words yet, no other way of communicating their needs other than by expressing themselves emotionally.  The moon in a natal chart also indicates the individual's emotional expression and needs.  The nurturer of the child pays attention to the crying of the child, because it is an indication that something needs to change.  Many times the mother anticipates the needs before the child expresses them.  In these ways, there is both an influence by the mother on the way a child perceives their own emotional expression as well as a predisposition for how the child perceives how their emotional needs will be met. 


For adults who have moved into competent independence, an understanding of their moon sign can help them understand their own emotional needs, how they are comfortable expressing and interacting with emotions, as well as how they will most often need to be cared for or be able to receive care from someone else.


Categories: Archetypes, Mother, Moon