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Everyone's life follows certain patterns. The patterns repeat themselves until the individual has mastered the lesson, situation, or interaction. Astrology is one way to help make repetitive life patterns obvious to those who may be unaware of places where they are stuck. For those who are struggling with certain patterns, astrology can also provide insight into strengths and opportunities for changing the pattern and mastering the dynamic.

Other means of identifying these patterns are tarot cards, dream interpretation, totem animals, or any other archetypal manifestations that have been popping up over and over in your life. They can be thoughts, or they can be detailed, circumstantial repeated patterns. Pay attention. Listen.

I have worked with many individuals to help them identify and overcome the patterns that have grabbed their attention. I look forward to doing the same for you.

Why Divine Echoes?

The planets are like gauges. Their unique placements in your natal chart are indicators of certain behavior patterns that are present in you or your life.

Because the planets are symbolic representations, they do NOT determine your life for you. You make choices every day on how you interact with every circumstance or individual. The planets are indicators of what you may encounter and/or your method of response